It is highly important to produce convincing prototypes. This is not just enough, one also has to be aware about the essence lies in the time and costing as well. We are experts in this. Our unique creative thinking combined with our machining and fabrication capabilities helps us deliver a functional prototype.

All of us know the fundamental difference that small details make. Thus we always try to preserve all the fundamental and minute details at its best. This ensures that the final experience does not lose the aim of convincing your ideas to the market. By doing this the user is not forces to imagine the engineering assumptions and considerations. So the user is eventually experiencing the final Feel-Form-Function of the product. Hence this makes easier on convincing your ideas.

We love working with constraints as these constraints force us to face challenging situations and amazing engineering thought process. Thus not only a well-established product, but also different start-ups reach out to us for their novel ideas and requests.

  • 3D Printing
  • SLS and SLA
  • Metal Additive Manufacturing